Gdansk Science and Technology Park

Gdansk Science and Technology Park is one of the crucial elements of the Pomeranian Innovation Network in the system of implementing the Regional Strategy for Innovation in the Pomorskie Voivodship, and it is a joint enterprise by the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone, Pomorskie Voivodship, the city of Gdansk and Gdansk University of Technology.

Gdansk Science and Technology Park – a place where science, innovative economy and versatile initiatives merge – located in a post-industrial building at Trzy Lipy 3 in Gdansk, close to the higher education schools: Gdansk University of Technology, Medical University of Gdansk and Gdansk University.

The area of GSTP is located in a Special Economic Zone.

The usability programme of the Park provides the best conditions for locating research and development laboratories, as well as companies using advanced technologies in such business sectors as:
• information and communication technologies
• functional materials and nanotechnologies
• environmental protection
• biotechnology, food chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences

In the years 2006-2008, there was an adaptation of rooms in the former Printing House for the needs of the Gdansk Science and Technology Park.

As a result of the project, new technological and manufacturing, as well as technological and office spaces, were created, equipped with ICT infrastructure and technological companies’ incubators, providing conditions for graduates of schools and academic employees to create and develop new companies based on knowledge and modern technologies.

What is more, the Park houses a modern conference and training centre, which aims at educating and promoting new technological solutions and building an information society, as well as creating a network of connections between companies running their businesses on the territory of the Park and scientific institutions located around it.

GSTP has launched the Project
“Gdansk Science and Technology Park – Stage III”
as part of the Operational Programme Innovative Economy.

The aim of the Project is to extend the Park. Its implementation includes the creation of two combined office and technological buildings. It is planned to connect the buildings by means of a communication link, and integrating with the existing GSTP building.

Resulting from the implementation of the Project GSTP there will be a large office, manufacturing and technological complex.
Development of the Park will enable support for the investors of the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone, who are leaders of global technology in research and development activities, in cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific institutions, thus guaranteeing long-term continuation of their activities in Poland.

What is more, there are projects to create an infrastructure for the Institute of Homeland Security Technology, which is a part of an activity run by the Polish Platform for Homeland Security. The activity of the Institute includes the cooperation of the best Polish scientific and research and development institutions conducting world-class research.

GSTP aims at creating an infrastructure for the Baltic Centre of Biotechnology and Innovative Diagnostics, a consortium of three largest Pomeranian schools: Gdansk University of Technology, Medical University of Gdansk and Gdansk University.
The Project will result in launching a joint research and implementation centre equipped with modern devices allowing them to conduct research on biotechnology and innovative diagnostics at a world-class level, to be used in the bio-economy in Poland.

The Baltic Centre of Biotechnology and Innovative Diagnostics is planned to be launched on the territory of GSTP at the end of 2009.

There are also projects of building a network of connections and developing clusters, including locations for the structures of Baltic Eco-Energy Cluster. Gdansk Constructional Cluster already runs its business in the area of GSTP.
The works connected with the Project began in August 2007 and are planned to be finished in 2010/2011.

Gdansk Science and Technology Park
3 Trzy Lipy Street, 80-172 Gdansk
tel: +48 58 739 61 42; e-mail: office@gpnt.pl; http://www.gpnt.pl

If you are interested in using space in the Gdansk Science and Technology Park (GSTP) and running a business as part of innovative implementation of advanced technologies, please fill out an electronic version of “Preliminary Application Form” (enclosed) and send it back to office@gpnt.pl.

 List of GSTP tenants: http://www.gpnt.pl/pl/firmy-w-gpn-t.html




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