Data publikacji: 17.06.2019

Industrial Robots Programming Centre on the Ostrów Island is now open

The first courses in industrial robots programming have already started. The Pomeranian Special Economic Zone launched the Industrial Robots Programming Centre on the Ostrów Island. Young people will also learn there how to use a 3D printer. It is one of the first centres of this kind in Poland.


The Centre is located in a building of the former management staff of the Gdańsk Shipyard on the Ostrów Island in Gdańsk, where the process of revitalization and site preparation for industrial production in the shipbuilding sector is currently under way. A training centre, created for the shipbuilding industry and other investors located within this area, is an element of the revitalization and activation of post-shipyard areas project. Its aim is to create favourable conditions for profitable production on the basis of new technology and qualified staff.


– Since the announcement of the project “Stocznia Gdańsk 4.0 Nowy początek” [Gdańsk Shipyard 4.0 – New beginning], we have been consistently carrying out the planned activities that allow us to restore the area for modern shipbuilding production. In order to accommodate the development of industry towards robotisation and programming, we decided to support the employers in terms of providing training for future employees securing the necessary skills to perform the work in industry 4.0. – emphasises Przemysław Sztandera, President of the PSEZ.


Robotisation is a part of industry 4.0. It has already entered several industries and is continuing to do so as regards other industries. According to experts, robots will soon appear in each of them and most workstations will be automated. Therefore, the training for the industry 4.0 should start today, also in terms of robots programming and operation.


An industrial robot on the Ostrów Island is a modern six-axis device for metal and plastic laser cutting – Fanuc Robot M-20iA. The robot was donated by the Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery of the Polish Academy of Sciences to the Training Centre established by the PSEZ.


Students of mechatronics technician classes of the Conradinum Marine and General Education Schools from Gdańsk [Szkoły Okrętowe i Ogólnokształcące Conradinum] and the Technical School Complex [Zespół Szkół Technicznych] in Włocławek were the first to participate in courses conducted by the employees of PZU Lab. As part of three-hour courses, the students learned about the structure and operation of the robot’s arm, its controller and the basics of kinematics. They also saw the capabilities of the robotised tools for industrial use: a course in writing simple software programmes allowing for manoeuvring the arm along the trajectory of choice, the simulation of welding on the assembly line, an example of high-speed and high-precision motion. At the end of the training, they could control the robot on their own.


Regular classes in the Centre will commence as soon as the school year starts in September. The established Centre will work closely with the Conradinum school, which will launch a new course in September “Mechatronics technician with innovation – robot programming.” PSEZ signed a cooperation agreement with this school in January 2019, which aims, among other things, to adapt education to the needs of the labour market. A dedicated course programme in the field of programming will be prepared for the students of the above-mentioned class. PSEZ will also cooperate in this regard with the Technical School Complex in Włocławek, where it runs, together with the company “Wika Polska”, a vocational training class for future mechatronics technicians and mechanic technicians. Moreover, the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone plans to launch courses for adults who will be interested in gaining new competences needed on the labour market.


It is not the only activity of PSEZ in terms of strengthening vocational education for the maritime industry. In 2017 PSEZ created a vocational training class in the Vocational and Continuing Training Centre No. 1 in Gdynia. It took the patronage over the class of the 1st-degree Vocational School in the vocation of – a fitter of the floating vessels’ hulls. Under the patronage, it funds scholarships and paid summer holiday internships in companies on the site of the former Gdynia shipyard for five best students, as well as a trip to the fairs connected with the shipbuilding sector and additional vocational courses adapted to the needs of the labour market. All of those activities are to adequately prepare a student graduating from the school to take up employment. Students complete the practical part in PSEZ-related companies, e.g. Energomontaż Północ Gdynia and our partners, e.g. the Crist company. It implements the project “Morskie Kompetencje” [Maritime Competences] together with the Maritime Institute in Gdańsk. Primary school, junior high school and secondary school students will learn about the activity of the laboratory specializing in maritime economy research.