Invest in the PSEZ

Pomorska Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna sp. z o.o. (Pomeranian Special Economic Zone, PSEZ) works for the benefit of regional development by creating attractive conditions for the development of entrepreneurship and the inflow of new investments. It pursues its mission, aimed at stimulating the economy and improving the investment climate in Poland, in accordance with the assumptions of the Strategy for Responsible Development.


PSEZ operates in the area of 226 municipalities located in the province of Kujawsko-Pomorskie and in the eastern part of the province of Pomorskie. As a part of the Polish Investment Zone (Polska Strefa Inwestycji), it is one of 14 regional entities which are responsible for providing comprehensive services to Polish and foreign investors. It plays the role of a regional investor service centre and a coordinator of public aid. It provides entrepreneurs with support at every stage of the implementation of their projects, including assistance in the form of consulting and advisory services.


PSEZ puts emphasis on the development of innovative economy and entrepreneurship, with special focus on the high-tech sector and the transfer of knowledge from universities to the industry. This objective is pursued in the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park, managed by PSEZ, and in the Baltic Port of New Technologies, focused on the maritime economy – both of which have become centres stimulating the development of innovative, knowledge-based entrepreneurship in Pomerania. PSEZ is also a player in the area of industry education: it initiates relationships between universities, schools, entrepreneurs, local governments and business support institutions.