PSEZ Media Operator

PSEZ Media Operator Sp. z o.o. manages properties on Ostrów Island and in areas of the former Gdańsk Shipyard on behalf of the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone Ltd. The company and its qualified and experienced staff are engaged in the sale and distribution of media. Its responsibilities include ongoing services for transmission infrastructure, work on the preparation of the infrastructure modernisation project and adjustment of the technical infrastructure for the needs of future investors.

Development of this unique, excellently connected area is the investment part of a bigger undertaking – implementation of the Polish economic reindustrialisation strategy, and in particular the shipyard industry reconstruction programme, in line with the so called "Shipyard Law" adopted by the Parliament.

The purpose of the activity is to revive this Gdańsk industrial centre, which is so important due to its cultural heritage as well as its spatial advantages and development opportunities.


PSEZ Media Operator Sp. z o.o.

Na Ostrowiu 15/20 Str.

80-873 Gdańsk



KRS: 0000258728 NIP: 583-299-29-83  REGON: 220233099